Tezzit is a team of independent engineers and business experts. Ten years of research and development in fluid dynamics and thermodynamics led to the discovery of a gap in the present thermodynamic science of heat and mass exchange. Tezzit experts conducted causal analysis including multiphysics and multi-scale modeling led to the determination that causality and time-asymmetry or at least time should be integrated in the thermodynamic laws of heat and mass transfer. By doing this it was possible to solve errors, misinterpretations, inverse problems and answer unsolved problems and unexplained phenomena. This integration eventually led to the discovery and subsequent adoption of the so-called advanced heat exchanger science.


Tezzit is based in the Netherlands. All research and development work was carried out exclusively by Tezzit experts:

Arjan van Deijk

Casper Helder

Tacit knowledge

Tezzit is derived from the word tacit knowledge. Tacit knowledge can be defined as skills, ideas and experiences that are possessed by people but are not codified and may not necessarily be easily expressed or extracted, and thus more difficult to transfer to others by means of writing it down or verbalizing it.